ermagerrdd! My legs were burning from the goblet squats I did last night. Max cardio sucks but man you feel so accomplished afterwards. Mmmm..sitting down chowing on food and studying for my exam. Gonna lift tomorrow yipppeeee!

My legs are burning from all the goblet squats I did last night. I went to the gym and got a pretty good workout in. Going to do the penguin waddle today at least most of today is pretty light for me just got keeping cramming away for my test. Happy Wednesday!

So I have been super busy with midterms and life outside the internet I’ll try and get better at this blogging thing. I have a midterm this saturday and a paper due next week ugh super stressed. But on the upside me and my BF have been doing insanity for about a week and a half we’ve been doing 4 days insanity and 2 days lifting at the gym because we still have a bunch of training sessions with a trainer left and we don’t want them to expire. We are kicking ass if I do say so myself eating clean and treating ourselves without overindulging. It is a complete 180 from what we were doing a month ago. I haven’t taken picture but I’ll try and do that today so we can compare when all is said and done. I miss lurking around tumblr hoping to be back as soon as possible!

So since Monday I have worked out everyday so far and am almost two weeks eating much healthier starting to feel back to my old self and even if the scale isn’t budging my clothes are definitely starting to feel looser. YAY! Its the little things people! 

some apple cider and emergen c for the tickle in my throat and lots of water. Hydration nudge for everybody else…

Starting the day off right with eggs and avocado in a wrap.


#ipromise to be the best possible version of myself
#ipromise that even if I fail I will pick myself up and treat everyday a new
#ipromise to make a difference in the next 92 days

So reflecting on this last week my eating was amazing did not get to work out very much so that is where I am going to focus on this week. I will continue this amazing trend of eating and focus on getting at least 3 to 4 workouts in. I have to training sessions with a trainer so I really just need to come up with two workouts on my own. I’m so tired from the weekend shenanigans and homework. I have a midterm in two weeks boo! I’m just going to lurk a little while longer and off to bed to start the next week off right.

YAY I’m Back…

I’ve become a serious lurker lately but I’m still alive and kicking. Serious DOMS today went to the gym last night for the first time in a month and now i’m doing the penguin waddle but it just feels so right. Went grocery shopping this last weekend finally and got yummy clean delicious food. I need to be more honest and realistic with goals. Because when you least expect it life or mother nature will bite you in the ass and you need to be prepared mentally on how to handle it. I fell off the wagon since that huge wind storm three weeks ago. I think a huge part of it was because before I was being super restrictive with myself and not letting myself have any leeway because I wanted results and I wanted them now. Not healthy results either like losing 2 pounds a week I wanted to lose like 10 to 15 pounds a week. It just wasn’t healthy and I just found myself getting more and more disappointed and sad even though I thought I was doing everything right. I don’t know what clicked but I just woke up over the weekend and realized that falling off the wagon and eating shit was just making me feel even worse than I was before. I felt like I lost control. Small changes it won’t happen over night but even the smallest change adds up. So that is where I’m at now sore but happy.

So I am feeling much better since I posted the other day but guess what we are under another weather warning because another wind storm is going to hit us again this weekend. Boo! I hope I don’t lose power again but what can I do. I am not going to let it keep me down me and my boyfriend are doing a buddy walk tomorrow for our friends daughter who has down syndrome. I hope the weather is not horrible and they have to cancel. Afterwards I am going to start organizing one of my spare bedrooms and figuring out what I am getting rid of and what to pack up for the move. Then sometime this weekend I need to crackdown on some homework. I am now a little wary about going grocery shopping if another windstorm is about to hit. Both of my fridges are still completely barren so maybe I will wait till Monday before I go. One thing I miss is eggs I did not realize I ate so many until they weren’t there anymore. Hope everyone has a safe amazing weekend!